Professionals / Managers

UNI Professionals and Managers (UNI P&M) represents highly skilled or highly educated professionals and managers in all UNI sectors across the globe.

Professionals and managers play a leading role in our ever-evolving world of work, and their part of the global workforce is significant and rapidly growing. They are IT developers, engineers, bank managers, accountants, doctors or lawyers, designing new technologies, managing the most demanding projects and processes, providing essential services for a functioning private and public sector, and supporting our well-being directly and indirectly.

Professionals and managers face a number of challenges in their professional and personal lives. In our current era of digitalization, there is a critical need for professionals and managers to consistently upgrade their skills to stay up to date with a changing labor market. Technology also enables professionals and managers to work anywhere and at any time, creating psycho-social risks associated with not being able to disconnect and highlighting the need for new solutions to work-life management.

Professionals and managers, despite being highly skilled or trained and playing key roles in companies and society, often lack a voice in the workplace. Through organizing P&Ms into trade unions we find this voice. We also challenge the myths that managers don’t need unions and that they represent the employer. Around the world, managers are joining unions to address the real issues that they face in their workplaces.

UNI P&M fights for professionals and managers to ensure that they are recognized for their skills and contributions, that their rights are respected, and that they have a voice in shaping the future in their workplaces and beyond. You too can be part of this journey by becoming an active member in one of UNI’s affiliates in 150 countries around the globe.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Alex Högback, Director of UNI Professionals and Managers.