Cleaning / Security

UNI Property Services is the Global Union for cleaners, maintenance and private security workers. We represent over 120 trade unions and 1 million workers worldwide.


UNI Commerce is the Global Union for the retail and wholesale industry.
We represent more than 160 trade unions and more than 4 million workers worldwide.


UNI Finance, the Global Union for all finance and insurance workers represents 3 million employees in 237 trade unions world wide.


UNI Gaming is the Global Union for the gaming industry. We represent 44 trade unions and 138,000 workers worldwide.

Graphical & Packaging

UNI Graphical and Packaging is the global union for over 800,000 members from over 150 trade unions throughout the world.

Hair & Beauty

UNI Hair and Beauty is the Global Union for hairdressers and beauticians. We represent 48 trade unions in 36 countries.


UNI Information, Communication, Technology and Services (ICTS) represents over 3 million workers around the world.


UNI MEI is the Global Union for media, entertainment and arts. We represent over 140 unions and guilds and 300,000 workers worldwide.

Platform and Agency Workers

UNI Temporary Work Agencies Global Union is working to improve the conditions of temporary agency staff and temporary agency workers and to raise the standards of the industry.

Post & Logistics

UNI Post & Logistics is the Global Union for the postal and logistics industry. We represent 157 unions and 2.5 million workers worldwide.


UNI Tourism is the Global Union for the tourism industry. We represent 36,000 workers in 32 countries worldwide.


UNICARE is the Global Union for the social insurance and health care industry. We represent 600,000 workers in 85 unions worldwide.

World Players

The World Players Association brings together 85,000 players across professional sport through more than 100 player associations in over 60 countries.